About TRT

TRT is a production company that innovates product solutions for Independent Creatives such as Musicians, Videographers, and Mixed Media Artists. TRT supports their projects and makes their career visions tangible, marketable, and profitable. Since 2011, we have leveraged our work experiences and consolidated our acquired skill sets to innovate our premiere product solution – XCLU.

XCLU is a mobile app that creates multimedia music experiences.

Soon to introduce XCLU as the first and only product of its kind in the digital arts economy, our company has recruited a team of talented individuals who are dedicated to further refining XCLU’s curation process and content distribution mechanisms. We are NOW HIRING UX TALENT to help introduce our target audience to imaginative content experiences, while also catering to the advantages of Independent Creatives.

Please view XCLU's Product Introduction video to learn more about our company's innovation (the position's advertised in this video have been filled. Our company is now only seeking a Multimedia UX Manager to complete our team.):

 Our company has carved out XCLU's market opportunity and we've established the business relationships to support its development.

We are now seeking one more talented individuals who is passionate about producing online markets for Independent Creatives and open to thinking through challenging development milestones to successfully introduce XCLU to the global economy. 

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Come join TRT as we continue our journey to make creative history and set standards for the future landscape of marketing. Our company is NOW HIRING a Multimedia UX Manager to complete our team, as we refine XCLU through its Alpha – Master phases of development.

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