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RESEARCH COORDINATOR – We are looking for a free-thinking Research Coordinator, seeking Part-Time or Full-time employment, who can oversee the methods applied by our team and partner companies to produce actionable and valuable insights applicable to our product, as we refine XCLU through its Alpha - Master phases of development. 

Job Description

Our company’s research interests focus on classifying the connections between human cognitive behavior and different forms of digital arts media. The Research Coordinator’s primary responsibility is spearheading each study to effectively examine the state of human-digital relationships with online content, for the purpose of materializing sentimental reasoning on how/why humans process information and make decisions to have content into useful documentation. This position collaborates with a small team, a part of our partnered Corporate Market Research firm, to craft comprehensive research reports used for educating final decisions made in each development phase to enhance the product’s frontend feature set and backend classification lists.  

Focused on harnessing our imaginative interests into intentional research efforts, this position applies background knowledge and experience in relevant fields of study to ensure our team’s hands-on market research projects acquire useful qualitative and quantitative data that makes our product’s value proposition tangible faster, effectively, and efficiently.

Independent Research funding is offered in the form of a salary for the coordinator to conduct studies aligned with our company’s Economic Motive and Executive Direction, while leading the execution of our team’s global-market research studies.


  • Collaborate with partnered Corporate Market Research firm to finalize the research protocols that clearly describe research objectives and procedures necessary to test the hypotheses of the research projects.
  • Collaborate with partnered Corporate Market Research firm and Executive Director to develop research designs, data collection methods, and strategies for data management.
  • Design, create, and revise research instruments as necessary to secure quality data that correlates with research objectives.
  • Coordinates multiple data collection efforts for one or more research projects with partnered Corporate Market Research firm.
  • Consults with Editorial Department to recruit and manage study participants.
  • Collaborates with partnered Corporate Market Research firm to coordinate entire research study production in multiple global markets.
  • Develop and manage interim reports for principal investigators, investors, and Board of Directors to ensure that each project is moving toward timely completion.
  • Manages entire research budget and allocates resources appropriately.
  • Reports resource allocation to Operations Manager for approval.
  • Ensure that projects are executed successfully and completed within the time frames to meet research objectives.
  • Write and edit technical reports and manuscripts for publication and presentation.
  • Work with partnered Corporate Market Research firm on the recruitment, training, and supervision of research staff in global market study productions.  


  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Behavioral Science or related discipline and at least two years related work/research experience related to human behavior and sentiment analysis.
  • Master’s degree in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Behavioral Science or related discipline and at least one year of related work/research experience related to cognitive development (post-undergraduate study).
  • Excellent organizational and administrative skill set.
  • Confident ability to work independently, multi-task, and manage multiple ongoing projects.  
  • Confident in working within a creative internal organization where responsibilities and deliverables are constantly evolving.
  • Excellent written and communication skills.
  • Experience with data management.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with a team.
  • Confident ability to work in an agile, fast-paced, creative environment.
  • Willingness to travel and produce/manage data reports from our team’s real-time discoveries as we travel together.  
  • Proactive knowledge of and excellent proficiency in office/research software (such as Microsoft Office, online research tools, and search databases).
  • Highly motivated, organized, and detail-oriented.
  • Confident ability to think out of the box.
  • Takes risks and the initiative, then incorporate feedback.
  • Exceptional cultural sensitivity.
  • Bi-lingual or open to becoming proficient in multiple languages.
  • Training in experimental design and proficiency with statistical analysis software (such as R, SPSS, etc.). 


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